B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education) – 2 Years

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) programme offered at the Centre for Distance and Open Learning, Jamia Millia Islamia under distance mode to serve the marginalized section of the society across India by providing educational opportunity at the learners’ doorstep to get a professional degree in teacher education. This programme is a judicious blend of both theoretical and practical courses throughout the academic years to prepare and strengthen the teaching professional in the field of teacher education. The main thrust of the programme is to prepare competent teachers at school level. The two years B.Ed. distance mode programme is designed and developed in accordance with the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) guidelines for both working teachers at elementary levels who wish to upgrade their knowledge in self paced manner or trained elementary teaching diploma holders who wish to enhance their professional qualification to broaden their job opportunities.

This programme utilizes self instructional material, information technology along with the interactive personal contact programme (PCP). Pupil teachers are also helped in developing teaching skills through simulated and actual classroom situations.

Course Structure B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education) – 2 Years Programme

B. Ed. First Year

Theory Courses (Compulsory)
Course CodeCourse Title
B.Ed-01Childhood and Growing Up
B.Ed-02Contemporary India and Education
B.Ed-03Language Across the Curriculum
B.Ed-04Understanding Disciplines and Subjects
B.Ed-05Learning and Teaching
Practical Courses (Compulsory)
Course CodeCourse Title
B.Ed-06Reading and Reflecting on Texts (EPC-I)
B.Ed-07Drama and Art in Education (EPC-II)
INT-IInternship (See Appendix 1)
Pedagogy /Teaching Courses (Optional): out of the following a student has to select any two teaching subjects;
Course CodeCourse Title
B.Ed-08Pedagogy of Urdu
B.Ed-09Pedagogy of Hindi
B.Ed-10Pedagogy of English
B.Ed-11Pedagogy of Mathematics
B.Ed-12Pedagogy of Commerce
B.Ed-13Pedagogy of General Science

B. Ed. Second Year

Theory Courses (Compulsory)
Course CodeCourse Title
B.Ed-15Assessment of Learning
B.Ed-16Knowledge and Curriculum
B.Ed-17Gender, School and Society
B.Ed-18Creating an Inclusive School
Practical Courses (Compulsory)
Course CodeCourse Title
B.Ed-19Critical Understanding of ICT (EPC-3)
B.Ed-20Understanding the Self (EPC-4)
B.Ed-21School Internship (Teaching Practice) (See Appendix II Page no 24)
Optional Courses: the students are required to select any one of the following:
Course CodeCourse Title
B.Ed-22Vocational/ Work Education
B.Ed-23Health/Physical and Yoga Education
B.Ed-24Peace Education
B.Ed-25Guidance and Counseling

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