BA.Eco(H)-(Bachelor of Economics)- 3 Years


The course provides a sound theoretical basis in economic theory supplemented by practical applications of theories. The first four semesters are devoted to give a firm background in microeconomics, macroeconomics, development economics & international economics. In the fifth and sixth semesters, the students take two compulsory courses namely Indian Economy since Independence & Financial Economics. They have elective courses in the final year encompassing two options each semester. The elective courses offered by the department are mathematical methods for economics or health economics in the fifth semester and statistical methods for economics or environmental economics in the sixth semester. The BA economics programme aims at developing among students a sound theoretical understanding of the subject along with practical applications. The idea is not to instill interest in any one particular area of research or cater to the requirements of a particular kind of job. Studying economics today opens up several possibilities for the future, and the idea is to guide students select their own trajectory in career advancement.


Duration: 3 Years

Level: Graduation

Type: Degree

Eligibility: 10+2 or Equivalent


  • You can work in the fields of your interests like retail management, public relations, stocks, aviation, social space etc.
  • The candidate can join Govt. jobs like Reserve Bank of India and Indian Economic Services.
  • You can go for higher studies, Post graduation in Economics or MBA in Economics. Through that you can also pursue your Ph.D. and get into research.
  • You can join as professor in Indian and Foreign Universities for professional studies.

Job Prospects

You can apply to Indian Economic Services. The people who get selected are recruited as Grade A officers in organisations like the Planning Commission, Planning Board, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs. You can even write reports on economic and business events in newspapers. The demand for economics teachers in educational institutions is growing in India and foreign universities. So you see, it’s not a face off (B.Com Hons .vs. BA Economics) as much as it is understanding what you want for yourself.


The B.A. (Hons.) Economics is one of the few undergraduate degree programmes that open several possibilities for immediate employment. In many firms, including banks, financial institutions, and large manufacturing companies, require economists with analytical skill sets in substantial numbers. There is a growing demand for economics graduate in the domain of analytics, including business consultancies, forecasting, survey and marketing agencies. The B.A. (Hons.) degree in economics is also a good stepping stone for careers in government at the state, national, or international levels. B.A. (Hons.) Economics provides a sound foundation for pursuing higher studies in business management and in law, especially corporate law. It will be an ideal launch pad for those who seek to pursue post-graduate and doctoral studies in economics in universities in India and abroad and careers in teaching and research.

Course Structure BA.Eco(H)-(Bachelor of Economics)- 3 Years Programme

Semester – I

Code No. Paper
BAECO101Principles of Micro Economics
BAECO103Statistical Method – I
BAECO105Mathematics for Economics – I
BAECO107Business English – I

Semester – II

Code No. Paper
BAECO102Principles of Macro Economics
BAECO104Statistical Method – II
BAECO106Mathematics for Economics – II
BAECO108Business English – II

Semester – III

Code No. Paper
BAECO201Intermediate micro Economics – I
BAECO203Intermediate macro Economics – I
BAECO205History of Economic thought
BAECO207Introduction to Econometrics
BAECO209Functional Hindi – I*

Semester – IV

Code No. Paper
BAECO202Intermediate micro Economics – II
BAECO204Intermediate macro Economics – II
BAECO206Introduction to Development Economics
BAECO208Monetary Economics
BAECO210Functional Hindi – II

Semester – V

Code No. Paper
BAECO301International Trade and Balance of Payment
BAECO303Public Economics – I
BAECO305Political and Economical Development of India - I
Elective – Paper 4
BAECO307Topics in Micro Economics
BAECO309Applied Econometrics
BAECO311Economics of Micro Finance
BAECO313Agriculture Economics

Semester – VI

Code No. Paper
BAECO302Introduction to Environmental Economics
BAECO304Public Economics – II
BAECO306Political and Economical Development of India - II
Elective – Paper 4
BAECO308Topics in Macro Economics
BAECO310International Trade and Multilateral Trade Organisations
BAECO312Introduction to Financial Economics

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